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Bled Apartmaji Sobe Restavracija Gostilna - Union 99 - Slovensko
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Bled Apartments Accommodation Room - Union 99
Bled Apartments Accommodation Room - Union 99

The UNION – complex is situated in the centre of Bled, overlooking the Hotel Krim and a few passes away from the lake and its park. Because of its naturally elevated position it can be clearly seen the panoramic view of Mount Triglav, Mount Stol and the famous Bled-castle. In this green and quiet part of the hotel complex, all of its accommodations are located. The main access to the UNION is by the Ljubljanska street. In front of the complex is bus-station and the private parking for clients (covered and uncovered type).
The UNION is blend of an old charm from the recent past, and its new modern part of the new annex. Mr.Jacob Peternel built the old part of the UNION complex in 1885 and the annex was added to it in 1915. Since then, the owner was the Vovk family, Mrs. Jula Molnar. The old part of the UNION complex dating from 1885 had been completely reconstructed. The new part dating from 1905 was built on the ruins of its annex.
On the ground floor of the old UNION there is a local restaurant with its two terraces, the eastern one and the smaller western one overlooking the lake, the castle and mount Triglav.
Since 1999 the UNION building has its new image, part of it due to the local artist Mrs. Melita Vovk who captured the glimpse of the Bled history and painted it on the wall of the “BAR UNION 99”, situated on the 1st floor.
In the new annex all accommodations are located. The Union – facilities are connected by covered passages which lead to other UNION facilities such as the bank, the hairdresser, the delicacy, the dentist, other specialized stores.

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