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Bled Apartmaji Sobe Restavracija Gostilna - Union 99 - Slovensko
Bled Apartments Room Restaurant - Union 99 - English
Bled Apartma Zimmer Gasthaus - Union 99 - Deutsch
Bled Apartma Camere Ristorante - Union 99 - Italiano

Bled Apartments - Restaurant - Union 99

Bled Apartments - Restaurant - Union 99
R  E  S  T  A  U  R  A  N  T

phone: 04 5780 150
mobile: 041 880 500


Number of seats: 90 + 50 (terrace) + 25 (vine cellar)
Parking guaranteed!

Gostilna UNION – restaurant, built in 1885 is very beautifully restored. It lies on the main entrance to Bled. There is also a nice view of Bled castle and Mount Triglav in its background. In original cellar we also serve Slovene national specialities like Karst ham, home made cheese with 1st class Slovenian vines from various regions of Slovenija. In the summer, one can enjoy the cool breeze of chestnut terraces, where we serve traditionally prepared dishes (on the open fire), dishes baked under the bell - under live coals (lamb, veal, white fish, octopus…).

Reservations & working hours possible to accommodate closed groups!


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